might seem to be a stripping,

a removal of words and sound.

But I have found

it is a weighty addition,

a garment wrapped around, 

not to muffle or stiffle 

but to bind up wounds, 

to staunch the bleeding out 

of howling tombs 

until I can find ressurection 

at the ready 

in my heart, steady. 

Before I speak,

I must taste Your fragrant life 

on my tongue.

2 thoughts on “Silence

    1. draftandshadow

      This is an exhortation to myself. I know power of silence, the gift of silence, the wisdom of it, but I’m not good at doing it. I love words (obviously) but sometimes I feel swallowed up by them, too. My own, other people’s. I need God’s words. But sometimes waiting for them is hard.

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